SCAR installation (VAWG project) – an evaluation by Chrissie Tiller

Click here to read full evaluation written by Chrissie Tyler about SCAR, an audiovisual installation bringing new perspectives to a subject that continues to define the situation of women in the 21st century: violence. Based on a research with over 800 women who live in Maré, Rio de Janeiro’s largest favela complex, Scar was created by […]


90 days have passed since the assassination of Rio city councillor Marielle Franco. The person or persons responsible for her summary execution have still to be identified. To mark this moment, People’s Palace Projects publishes an executive summary of Someone to watch over me– a two year research project by Eliana Silva (Redes da Maré/Federal […]

TACE – A Arte do Intercâmbio Cultural

Download Portuguese version The book TACE – The Art of Cultural Interchange is the result of an academic research of two years of the same name developed collaboratively between the Queen Mary University of London and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Cultural exchange is an important means by which nations and communities translate […]

Short report: Violence Against Women and Girls in Favela da Maré, Rio de Janeiro

This report outlines the main results from research carried out for the project Healthy, Secure and Gender Just Cities: Transnational Perspectives on VAWG in Rio de Janeiro and London’, with funding from the Economic and Social Research Council and the Newton Fund, UK. The report focuses on research carried out in Complexo da Maré, Rio […]

We can’t fight in the dark : Violence against Brazilian women and girls in London

While research on the Latin American community in London and the UK is increasing as their visibility is growing (McIlwaine et al., 2011; McIlwaine and Bunge, 2016), many specific issues affecting particular groups within the wider community remain under-acknowledged and understudied. One of these is the incidence and nature of Violence Against Women and Girls […]

Scene Change – Final project report

Click here to read the final activity report for Scene Change – a cultural skills exchange project aimed at fostering creative learning between cultural institutions in the UK and Brazil via digital technology and international study visits, between 2014 and 2017. Initiated in August 2014, it was the result of a collaboration between the British Council, Royal Opera […]

The Brazilian Army Occupation of Maré

The Brazilian Army Occupation of Maré: residents impressions of the armed forces’ occupation of Maré. The publication ‘The Brazilian Army Occupation of Maré: residents impressions of the armed forces’ occupation of Maré’ is part of the research Someone to watch over me: New ways of understanding the Police, culture and the favela in Rio de Janeiro,  led by Dr Eliana […]

A Ocupação da Maré pelo Exército Brasileiro

A Ocupação da Maré pelo Exército Brasileiro – percepção de moradores sobre a ocupação das forças armadas na Maré. Está disponível a versão digital da nova publicação da Redes da Maré ‘A ocupação da Maré pelo Exército Brasileiro: Percepção de Moradores sobre a Ocupação das Forças Armadas na Maré’. A publicação é produto do projeto Diálogos Sobre […]

PPP + Transform report 2012-2016

People’s Palace Projects has worked in partnership with British Council on a number of projects across the four years of the Transform programme and this is a short report on what we have achieved together. Since 2012, People’s Palace Projects have produced 14 projects as part of Transform, involving around 700 artists and organisations, reaching […]

Creative Lab

This book showcases part of the results from the Creative Lab project. Creative Lab was curated by Batman Zavareze and Paul Heritage, and produced by Festival Multiplicidade and People’s Palace Projects (Queen Mary University of London) in association with Creativeworks London, as part of the research project “Social Change through Creativity”, led by Prof Morag Shiach (QMUL). […]

The Point of Culture – Brazil turned upside down

Brazil’s Cultura Viva (Living Culture) programme has been one of the most innovative, wide-reaching and long-lasting achievements of President Lula’s 2003-10 government. Carried forward by Celio Turino, Secretary of Cultural Citizenship, it brought into being the Pontos de Cultura: points, places and practices of culture – points of life, points where the people have been […]

With One Voice Phase 3 report 2016

As part of the programme With One Voice, homeless people took over the streets of Rio on July 2016 for an artistic occupation week of pop-up performances and workshops as part of the 2016 Cultural Olympiad (‘Celebra’). Entitled Uma Só Voz, the week ran between 19 and 23 July 2016 and hoped to increase visibility and […]

The Agency report 2015

Theatre practitioner Marcus Faustini founded The Agency (Agência) in Rio de Janeiro in 2011. The programme uses creativity and theatre processes to offer young people, from disadvantaged communities, the opportunity to transform their ideas for making change into real projects and social enterprises. Supported with funding from The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Battersea Arts Centre, Contact […]

Discovering Shakespeare in the classroom

Developed within the Fórum Shakespeare 2014, a project that celebrated Shakespeare’s 450th birthday,  People’s Palace Projects produced the booklet “Discovering Shakespeare in the classroom”, an educational publication in Portuguese aiming to those who wish to introduce, for the first time, Shakespeare’s work to children and young people in Brazil. This booklet was created based in experiences […]

Rio Occupation London Catalogue

Rio Occupation London bilingual catalogue Occupation /Heloisa Buarque de Hollanda e Paul Heritage (org.),- 1.ed. – Rio de Janeiro:  Aeroplano, 2013 / ISBN:  978-85-7820-093-0 Digital version available here For information on Rio Occupation London, click here  

Encounters Beyond Text: Art Transforming Lives

Publication on Encounters: Transforming Lives project. Edited by Paul Heritage and Gary Stewart. Editorial Assistant: Thiago Jesus. Principal Photographer: Ratão Diniz. Contributors include: Gringo Cardia, Paul Heritage, Gary Stewart, Poppy Spowage, Luis Eduardo Soares, Liv Sovik, Eneida Leal Cunha, Regina Casé, Cicely Berry, Baba Israel, Philip Osment, Paul Martin, Binho, Celso Athayde, Rappin’ Hood Digital […]

From The Favela to Our Manor

Translating AfroReggae: the impact and implications of an international intervention in arts work with young people at risk.  Richard Ings, 2007 ISBN 978-0-9551179-3-0 Digital version available here

PPP Bulletin issue 3: Changing the Scene

PPP Bulletin 3: Changing the Scene: text only version. Edited by Paul Heritage with Rebecca Louise Collins and Rachel Sanger Produced by the Publications and Web Office, QMUL – Pub2582  

PPP Bulletin issue 2: Staging Human Rights

PPP Bulletin 2: Staging Human Rights text only version  Edited by Paul Heritage with Rebecca Louise Collins and Rachel Sanger Produced by the Publications and Web Office, QMUL – Pub2581

PPP Bulletin issue 1: Youth and Police

By Silvia Ramos Produced by the Publications and Web Office, QMUL for the Drama Department, QMUL – Pub0826 Article reproduced by kind permission of the Center for Studies on Public Security and Citizenship (CESeC), at University Cândido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro. Originally published as a CESeC Research Bulletin in October 2006. The original research was […]