People’s Palace Projects is a small, collaborative team that works with an extensive network of partner organisations, policy makers, funding bodies, and artists. Together we create projects and – when those projects are complete – continue to support and facilitate their development.

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Paul Heritage

Artistic Director

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Rosie Hunter

Executive Director

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Thiago Jesus

Communications & Projects Manager

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Sam Moloney

General Manager

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Renata Peppl

Freelance Project Manager

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Raquel Dias


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Shana Swiss

Project Director, Stages

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Samenua Sesher

Project Manager, People of Letters (Museum of Colour)

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Darcey Williamson

Research Assistant, The Verbatim Formula

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André Piza

Freelance Research Assistant: Contemporary Narratives Lab

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Germma Orleans-Thompson

Project Coordinator, People of Letters

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Samenua Sesher OBE


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Gary Stewart

Associate Artist

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Jerry Brotton


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Takumã Kuikuro

Associate Artist

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Sylvan Baker

Associate Artist

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Eliana Sousa Silva


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Leandro Valiati


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Lois Weaver

Associate Artist

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Board Members

Work With Us

People’s Palace Projects’ work is made possible by the cooperation, participation and support of other groups, organisations and individuals. We are always looking to broaden our network of collaborators. So whether you are a practitioner, artist, academic, funder, volunteer, member of an arts organisation, feel you would like to get involved in a project, or simply want more information about what we do – we would like to hear from you.