How do people transform their worlds through creativity and the arts? What difference can art make for those who live in situations of risk, violence and crisis? Who are the artists on the peripheries of our societies and how are they working to bring about change?

People’s Palace Projects seeks to ask these questions through participatory arts projects, performances, educational initiatives and debates. We bring artists, activists, academics and audiences together for projects that address a wide range of social justice and human rights issues.

People’s Palace Projects is based in the Drama Department of Queen Mary University of London in the city’s East End, and has worked with a wide range of local communities.

What's On


THE XINGU EXPERIENCE: 15th & 16th December 2018

Join us on an electrifying journey into the very heart of Brazil, and spend a day at the Ipatse village, home of the Kuikuro indigenous people of the Xingu, in the Amazon region. Using exciting augmented reality and video technologies, you will meet face to face with the Kuikuro, a community of around 800 people who live in […]


OTHER REGISTERS in London: 14th & 15th November 2018

FREE EVENT, NO BOOKING REQUIRED. Thursday 15 November and Friday 16 November 4:00pm to 8:00pm ArtsOne, Queen Mary University of London Mile End Campus, London E1 4PA  Closest stations: Mile End (Central line), Stepney Green (District line) ‘Other Registers’ is an immersive sound installation that uses software to transform data about police violence in Rio […]


Sacred Kamukuwaká cave discovered vandalised in the Xingu

During the research trip in September 2018 to capture digital data for the development of The Xingu Experience immersive installation, part of the research project The Challenge of the Xingu, it was discovered by members of the Wauja community, specialists from Factum Foundation and an independent team of Brazilian anthropologists that the ancient carvings in the sacred […]


Contemporary Narratives Laboratory

  Artists and journalists construct narratives that help us understand the world and shape our sense of reality, but digital technologies are having a profound and challenging impact on the way in which stories are produced and experienced. As researchers try to understand why some narratives thrive in the public sphere regardless of the quality of evidence behind them, artists and journalists […]


Building the Barricades

This research aims to understand the impact of armed conflict on the mental health and wellbeing of people living in the context of violence in the Complex of Maré – a conglomeration of 16 peripheral communities in Rio de Janeiro with a population of over 140,000 people*. By focusing on Brazil – a Lower-Middle Income Country in […]



Stages is a practice-based enquiry into how performance can be used to stimulate reflection on “othering” processes in society that lead to discrimination, violence and social exclusion.  It is led at PPP by project director Shana Swiss. Using the Ten Stages of Genocide (from Genocide Watch) as the catalyst for dramatic content, each group collaboratively creates […]

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