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People’s Palace Projects (PPP) is an independent arts charity that advances the practice and understanding of art for social justice. It is a National Portfolio organisation (NPO) of Arts Council England and is based at Queen Mary, University of London.


I am somebody who has been at home raising a baby for two years so I really needed something like this […] I’ve learnt loads, I’ve learnt how to use Avenue, Logic Pro 9, all these things, as well as a bit about Brazil. So I am going to take lots from this project. It’s really nice, because there are other people on my degree course […] whose parents will teach them to go and find activity courses like this, so it’s really nice that you guys have taken people out of Tower Hamlets who wouldn’t have known otherwise. […] It’s no one’s fault, it’s just some people have English speaking parents who went to university, who might be middle class and stuff, and it’s normal surroundings for them.

Shaira- 'Encounters' Participant -

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